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I have thought for awhile about keeping a blog.  This past school year was my first year with 1:1 Chromebooks in my classroom.  I wish I had a narrative of the strategies I tried, the apps we loved, the ideas we had as a class that we attempted. The ideas we didn't have time for.  Too many to recall in my "big picture, not detailed" type mind. It turns out, I should have just done it! While I can't change the past, I can start now.

So, who reads a new blog, anyway?  Probably just me for awhile. So I will post my favorite lessons from the year and my plans for next year.  Mostly so I won't forget them.  But maybe you will be inspired, too. Or post a comment to add to my ideas. That is what teaching is all about.  The kinship of teachers... collaborating!  Especially now that it is so easy to be connected!

I am Liz.  Mrs. Hoppe (rhymes with happy).  I teach 6th grade in Ventura county, California (on the coast between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, if you are not familiar)  We used to be self-contained, but last year, 6th grade joined the 7th and 8th grade block schedule.  This coming year, I will be teaching Language Arts on "A Days" and Social Studies on "B Days"--to the same three periods of students.  That works out pretty well!  I love the block schedule, and I love teaching the same students both days. It makes integration of ela and hss very smooth---which will be especially awesome with common core standards.

Well, that's me!  I adore being a teacher, and I love almost all parts of teaching:  planning, teaching, working with individuals, relating to staff members, decorating my room, integrating technology.  The only part I'm not a huge fan of?  Grading papers.  And the last day of school.  Not a big fan of goodbyes.  But it is the best way to get to summer, isn't it?

Here's to a working summer (with some family time mixed in)! Welcome to The Hoppe Teacher Blog!

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