International Dot Day 2014 Part 1

Welcome to International Dot Day!!

My first year participating and I am anxious to see if it sends an anchor message to my students that we can come back to all year long.  These are some resources I'm planning to use Monday (really, just linking them here so my class flow is efficient.  This is my Friday discussion stimulus.

Take a look at this artist!  Artistic ability is certainly a gift!  What emotions does this bring to your mind?

Now think about creativity.  Is creativity only about art?  What are some ways you are creative?

Peter H. Reynolds is an author who has some thoughts about creativity.  Read through his book The Dot.

Click here to see a Prezi of the book.
Or copy this link into the browser:

Do you think he has a message bigger that the surface? Is this book just about "Try to draw, even if you think you can't?"  What are some broader lessons about like?

Take the conversation to your edmodo small group and discuss what you learn from The Dot.

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