International Dot Day Part 2

Last week, we used the links in International Dot Day Part 1 to discuss creativity, strengths and weaknesses and even talked about self sabotaging thoughts like "I'll never be good at that".  We didn't get to the Prezi of the books in two periods, so we will go through that at the beginning of the period before beginning the lesson here.  My favorite thing about my plan is that it is so open to what ever direction discussion goes. I didn't know we would talk about self-talk last week, but it was perfect because that is such a common source of discouragement for jr. high kids.

So, part 2 will begin with Kid President's Pep Talk.
Then, we will discuss what we can do to make the world more awesome.  I am trying my first assignment through Classroom so we will see how that goes.  I went to the party store and bought colorful cake plates that will be our dots on our bulletin board. Each student will create their own "plate book" using the drawing doc I shared for the assignment. Here is is.  Not sure if you can access it if you aren't in the Hueneme family.  I tried "Publish to web" from the doc.  Again, first attempt in learning can sometimes mean FAIL. My students took their dot art home over the weekend and when they are all put together, we will have three murals around our room for inspiration. My plan is to put the plate books surrounding the murals. Finally, can't forget The Dot song by Emily Dale and Peter H. Reynolds.  Catchy!

Hope you have a wonderful International Dot Day!

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