Introducing Google Drive

Google Drive has become one of my favorites. When I became the Technology Resource Teacher last October, I decided to create all documents I need using Google Apps.  That even meant turning my back on my beloved Microsoft Publisher, it's true.  But I have found the transition to be easy and I am enjoying all the Googley Goodness!

So, my next step has been to encourage as many teachers to use Google Drive with their students as I can.  Most of the demonstration lessons I have done in classrooms have been to get students signed into their account for the first time.  In fact, I laugh now (okay, we laughed then, too) as I look back to my very first sign-in lesson with a class of 2nd and 3rd graders who were very excited. But, it was like herding cats!  All the students had to enter a captcha code, so their teacher and I were running like crazy. I think at the end of the hour, a third of the class had signed in. Funny... it had been so easy with my 6th graders!

Today, I met with a group of 3rd graders and their teacher, who is one of my favorite people, for their Google Drive Premier and I remembered to snap a photo of them.

They were so patient with all the times they had to try their password. It is definitely a one hour lesson the first time, just to sign in.  But they did, and then they created their first document and shared it with me and their teacher. I just finished reading though all their notes and leaving comments for them.

This one here... I had to take a screenshot. This is why I don't miss having my own class.  I get to have a lot of classes for a little bit, and that is pretty cool too!


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