Do you Kahoot!? Review Game post

How many times do teachers tell students to study?  Or have parent conferences that include comments such as "if s/he would just study more to learn the content..."  The truth is, from my experience, many students don't really know how to study.  But, of course, they need to learn content more deeply than what they hear or do in a lesson, so practice is vitally important.
It is certainly a challenge for struggling students, but consider the high achieving student as well.  Sometimes learning has always come naturally, and when they come up against challenging content, they hit a wall and option #1 is to shut down. So, knowing how to practice and review content is a study skill all students need.

So, let's look at one crazy fun website that makes reviewing content exciting, and will lower the anxiety level in students, maybe even making them want to study more.

What is this Kahoot! I speak of??

This game... it is definitely not quiet, definitely not boring, certainly fun and engaging.  Teachers, go to to create a free account, then search for premade or shared quizzes (or create your own). Quizzes can include images and video clips and are in true/false or multiple choice format, more than one answer can be correct.  Getting your quiz ready is just the start.  Think grammar skills, social studies review, math facts... then think about having students write their own questions and quizzes.

How do we play it?

Here is the fun part... when you are ready, log in and start your quiz. Project this on the screen and it will show a game code.  Students go to and enter the game code. Then, they give their name.  As each question comes up, the choices will show on the screen and students will have the 4 colors and shapes on their device to choose.

Speed matters in this game, and I have never seen it played in a silent room where the answer isn't spoken out loud by excited students.  So, don't use it for formal assessment, but use it for energetic review. The leader is revealed after each question, so the celebrations and competitive banter can proceed as teachers allow. Try it; you will see what I mean! Kids will have so much fun, they won't realize they are practicing content, but they will want to get the right answer... so they will learn it

Have fun!

Where can I learn more?

This tutorial guide is from Kahoot: Tutorial pages (PDF)
This Blog has a lot more specific steps:  Who's Who and Who's New--Kahoot!

What do we need?

teacher: project onto a screen; use
student: one device per student/team; use
compatible with: any device--ipad, chromebook, laptop, pc etc.

images from shutterstock and personal screenshots