Blogging in the Classroom with Kidblog

One of the prominent features of a "21st century learner's environment" is the idea of a global audience, knowing that technology allows us to make the world bigger for our students by exposing them to the world outside the classroom.
Blogging is a great way to make this happen.
You may be thinking "We aren't bloggers".  But you are writers, I'm sure.  I was in a classroom last spring with some 2nd graders using Kidblog.  They said their favorite part is knowing that they are writing for their friends and reading the comments they leave.  When students write, then share their thoughts to a larger audience, their sense of purpose pushes them to achieve more than when they are just writing for their teacher.

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Curious?  The return from Winter Break is a great time to try new ideas, see how it goes for a few months, then fine-tune them over the summer.  Kind of like the soft opening of a restaurant...  Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Blog by a teacher who uses Blogs with Literature Circles

Free Teachers Pay Teachers packet to get started with Response to Informational Text blogging.

Now, you need a kid-friendly, teacher-friendly, private platform to publish the blogs and allow comments.  Check out Kidblog.
Watch an overview of Kidblog's new features here  Kidblog is the most popular student platform I have read about.  There is a 30 day free trial, so don't sign in until you are ready to test it out.  If you decide to continue, it will $20-$30 per year.  Ask your administrator to check out the student work, invite them to a lesson, share the successes you have seen in the 30 days, and maybe they will cover the cost for you. It doesn't hurt to ask...

If you are interested and want lesson idea, someone to bounce ideas off, or are just thinking "hmmm... I might want to try that", reach out and let me know.  Give me a call, or drop an email. I would love to help get you started!