Brain Pop is Super Cool-- Part 1: create your teacher account


If you have been a teacher for any length of time, you know Brain Pop, and may even consider Tim and Moby some of your favorite teacher assistants.  If you are lucky enough to be a teacher in Hueneme this year, you are lucky for many reasons.  One is that you have a school-wide subscription to Brain Pop.  Did you know that includes an educator code, so you can create a teacher account and have students make safe accounts? With these accounts, students can submit quiz results and mind maps to you.  This allows Brain Pop to a more substantial part of your lessons than just showing a video.  The first step is to create your teacher account and class (or classes if you have more than one group of students).

How do you create a teacher account?

Before you begin, you will need the educator code.  If you are an HESD teacher, just email/call me to ask me for it!  If you are from another district and you have school accounts, the person who purchased your site account will have it (and, hey, welcome! Thanks for reading my blog!)

1. After going to, notice the ENTER CODE link next to SIGN IN, and enter the educator code.

2. Complete the registration form with your own information. Make a note of the username and password. You will use this to log in from now on, rather than the generic school username and password.  Scroll down in the form (not pictured in the step 2 image) to see the SUBMIT button.

Verify your email

3. After submitting, you will be prompted to verify your registration. Go check the email you used in the registration form.
4. Click on the link in the middle paragraph.

Now you are ready to create a class

Step 5 5. After you click the email link, you will be prompted to log in. Use the username and password you just created.  This is the log in you will want to use from this point forward.

6. Click on MY CLASSES in the top left corner of the window.  You can take a tour to understand your options, then create your class.
Step 7
7. Decide on a clear class name, maybe including the year and grade level or period.  Then, choose a class code.   After creating a class, make a note of your code.

8. The next screen is suitable for display to your students when they create their accounts, if you want to leave it open, or print it. And now, you are ready to help your students create their accounts.

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(All images are screenshots from using Snagit.  Click on any image to enlarge it.)