Brain Pop is Super Cool-- Part 2: Help Students Create Accounts

Before you are ready for this step, you need to create a teacher account.  If you haven't done that yet, go to my "BrainPop is Super Cool-- Part 1" post.
How do I get my class code?
1. Make sure you are logged in with your own teacher account (not your general school sign in) and get your class code.

2. Maybe you recorded it when you created your account, but just in case: Click on MY CLASSES in the top left corner, then choose MANAGE CLASS and you will see the code you created.

How do students create their accounts? (you may want to do this for younger students)
3.  Have students go to and click "ENTER CODE"

The popup window will allow them to enter the class code.  Note: they are NOT logged in to the school account.

4. Students will need to create an account the first time-- have them click on Sign up now!  (the next time they come to the site, they will just enter their username and password and be ready to go)

5. Students will need to complete this registration form.  Guide them carefully as they enter their own username and password.  
- username:  I would suggest the first part of their gmail account (firstname.lastname) The username will be displayed when you see the work, so using their name is a better option than their ID number.
-their school id number as the password.  You will have the ability to change the password in "manage classroom" if they forget it.
- have students respond to the security question and choosing an image.

6. Once the information is submitted, students will be ready to log in to their account.  Have them make a note of their user name and password in a safe place.  This is a good time to embed some digital citizenship concepts, about making sure an adult knows they are creating an account, and keeping their passwords private.

You did it!  Now you are ready for the learning to begin!  Look for
Brain Pop is Super Cool-- Part 3:  Learning with Brain Pop